Villa Adriana 2015

Alumni enjoyed a tour of Villa Adriana which was co-led by Professor Francesco de Angelis and Professor Marco Maiuro, co-directors of Columbia’s Advanced Program of Ancient History and Art (APAHA).


Milan Club Launch July 9, 2014

Alumni enjoyed a first gathering in Milan!

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Professor Robert Jervis May 16, 2014

Professor Robert Jervis on "Why Intelligence Estimates Are Often Wrong" moderated with James Bone (JRN, SIPA 1985) 

Rome Club Launch on March 26, 2014

Alumni enjoyed a first gathering in Rome!

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Alumni Clubs Around the World

Every fall, over fifty alumni clubs connect with local alumni and form a global network of connected Columbians in the annual initiative, started six years ago.  Enjoy these photos from past Columbia Connects (formerly Worldwide Networking) and look for a Columbia Connection near you this fall.


Ivy Ball, Hong Kong

At the 25th annual Hong Kong Ivy Ball, Columbia alumni won first place in the School Song Competition with this mashup of the school song and several contemporary pop hits. (Video credit to Lui Siu Fai)

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